Let them eat cake!

Sally Williams and her family with their cakes

David Buckley, who organises film evenings at the hall very kindly allowed Sally to run Cake Breaks on both Friday and Saturday night. He said: “Well, it’s a French film and Marie Antoinette did say let them eat cake!”

“Cake Crashing” success

Sally said: “The atmosphere was fantastic and we received amazing support from those assembled, who ate cake whilst watching the film, and then returned to fill a plate to take home with them afterwards – I couldn’t believe we were still selling cake at 11 o’clock at night!”

Sally’s support crew were her three children, Paige, Lewis and Cerys, her mum and friends who made and served cakes, busily selling them before and after the film showings.

As a result of the wonderful team effort they raised a fantastic £217. Well done Sally and her team!

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